A Letter from our Program Director

Dear Friends,

I approach my third year of being the Program Director at TRUE Mentors with excitement. The first two years at any job are usually spent testing the waters, proving yourself, and learning the field. The third year is when you really get to dig in confidently and joyously.  It has not been without struggle. Going from full-time to part-time has been a constant dance of juggling, apologizing for missed deadlines, and wondering if it can work. But, it has really brought out so many opportunities. I have seen so many volunteers rise as leaders, taking ownership of areas of the organization. It has brought our Full-time Executive Director to us much faster than anticipated originally. It has pushed me to ask for help from our talented team of volunteers, allowing true skills to be utilized and developed. Thank you to all of you working to make this happen, using your skills to fill the gaps, and stepping into leadership in various roles and tasks.
The two things I am most excited about for this year are structure and unity. In all three programs we are working towards structure that improves experience for the volunteers and children. We are having our interns work within the program for a whole school year, tweaking and perfect the small-group style in clubs, and implementing more support and scheduled events for our mentors. With this structure comes overall improved expectations, communication, and knowledge that we hope will lead to unity. It is amazing to see our teams of volunteers work together on a program or a project. I look forward with joy to the idea of having our whole organization feel unified through opportunities to celebrate and learn together. I love that at TRUE Mentors we can grow the whole organization while still focusing on the individuals and single relationships.  My hope is that structure and unity will help enhance these individuals. AnchorBest,

Rebecca Denaro
Program Director
TRUE Mentors

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