Q: What is TRUE Mentors?
A: TRUE Mentors is a one-to-one mentoring program in Hoboken, NJ. We match children ages 7 – 17 with a caring adult mentor that helps them unearth their potential through relationships. TRUE Mentors offers classes and programs to explore new ideas and grow. Learn more at our Classes and Teen Internship programs.

Q: How is TRUE Mentor’s different than Big Brothers and Big Sisters?
A: TRUE Mentors is a mentoring organization unique to Hoboken.  We spend a lot of time trying to match children and mentors who have similar interests.  We also offer multiple programs beyond mentoring including weekly classes and an internship program.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: Each mentor is asked to commit to a year in the match relationship and spend 8 hours per month with their mentee.

Q: Do I need to attend the classes with my mentee?
A: Classes are not required, but are an available activity that you can do together.

Q: Where are the kids from?
A: TRUE Mentors children are from Hoboken and immediate surrounding areas including Jersey City and Jersey City Heights. We try to match children and adult mentors who live in the same city.

Q: Can my child participate in the classes if they are not going to have a mentor?
A: Yes. The classes are open to all children. Parents are welcome to attend the classes to see what they are all about.

Q: Are Mentors just for special needs children?
A: No. Mentors are for any child who needs or wants a friend, someone to encourage them and who can be a strong role model.

Q: How much does TRUE Mentors cost?
A: TRUE Mentors is a donation based organization and this enables us to offer our programs FREE to families and children.

Q: Are there ways to get involved without committing to a year in the program?
A: Yes. TRUE Mentors is in need of volunteers for events, classes, and organizational operations.  If you are passionate about what we do, but have a busy schedule or feel like mentoring isn’t a great fit for you, please email [email protected] for more information.

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