TRUE Mentors was inspired by a need in Hoboken to provide another trusted voice in the lives of our children who come from all backgrounds. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and we want to partner and support parents of all backgrounds with trusted resources in a structured environment.

The vision for TRUE Mentors was inspired by Pastor Chris High from Hoboken Grace Community Church after volunteering at an after school program in Hoboken. His vision for each child in Hoboken to have a dedicated champion in their life was passed on to Susi Tully Milligan, who launched TRUE Mentors in January 2011 with the help of many volunteers throughout the city.

What is TRUE Mentors?

  • TRUE Mentors is a non-profit organization based in Hoboken, NJ.
  • TRUE Mentors is focused on unearthing the potential in children ages 7-17 (or through high school senior year) through mentoring relationships.
  • TRUE Mentors stands for True Relationships Unearth Excellence.
  • TRUE Mentors believes there are three kinds of relationships: individual relationships, group relationships and workplace relationships.
  • TRUE Mentors is the only one-on-one mentoring program in Hoboken, designed to match youth with positive adult role models who can help them explore new topics and ideas.
  • TRUE Mentors provides group clubs once a week during the school year helping children explore new ideas & topics like cooking, art, science and sports while interacting with caring adult volunteers.
  • TRUE Mentors’ Teen Internship Program hires juniors in high school to complete a 14-week paid internship through partnerships with local businesses.

Why was TRUE Mentors started?

  • TRUE Mentors believes that Hoboken is a unique, diverse community.
  • TRUE Mentors recognizes that children in Hoboken are exposed to a variety of influences including TV, the internet, cell phones. We wanted to be a positive influence in the community – a place that all children could go to explore their dreams in a positive atmosphere.   
  • TRUE Mentors was not created to replace the job of parents or the influence of family members. Instead, we were started to help them, to partner with them in unearthing the potential of children. 
  • TRUE Mentors was designed for parents and guardians to have an additional trusted voice in their child’s life and for children to have a friend who is encouraging and reliable.

What is the history of TRUE Mentors?

  • TRUE Mentors launched in January 2011 with the first set of mentors and mentee matches.
  • TRUE Mentors matched 15 children in 2011, 13 children in 2012, 14 children in 2013, and 28 children in 2014. 
  • TRUE Mentors supports 50+ unique children and volunteers per month in our programs.
  • TRUE Mentors launched our third program, the Teen Internship Program, in September 2013. Juniors in high school complete a college and career readiness program along with a 14-week paid internship with a local business.