Mission & Vision

TRUE Mentors is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded to help children develop healthy, strong relationships that allow them to reach their full potential.

TRUE Mentor’s mission is to unearth the excellence in the children of Hoboken through relationships.

Our vision is to help children develop healthy, strong relationships that allow them to reach their full potential.

TRUE stands for TRUE Relationships Unearth Excellence. TRUE Mentors is Hoboken’s only nonprofit offering one-to-one mentoring program matching children ages 7 – 17 (or through high school senior year) with adult mentors in the same community.

Relationships are an important part of everyone’s life. From an early age, we have friends and family; then we move to classmates and co-workers. Throughout it all, relationships affect us. At TRUE Mentors, we recognize the value of healthy, strong relationships. Our programs are designed around these three types of relationships:

  • Mentoring addresses the one to one relationship such as the relationship one has with their best friend. This provides a supportive environment for the children that builds their self confidence and improves their communication skills. Children also realize their potential through the support and motivation received from their mentors.
  • Clubs create the opportunity to explore group relationships for children.  So often in life, we are part of teams or groups of people and we must navigate multiple viewpoints and be open to new ideas. Through group activities conducted at these clubs, children learn to interact and help each other thereby improving their social skills.
  • Teen Internship Program offers teens the opportunity to explore workplace relationships.  We don’t get to choose who our co-workers are, so this experience with a trusted mentor can be invaluable.
These three programs focus in the overall development of our children, thereby helping our future generation excel.TRUE Mentors’ mission is to unearth the potential of children and mentors through relationships. Our mentors become a trusted friend and champion to our children. In addition to the mentoring, TRUE Mentors offers weekly classes (enrichment clubs) during the school year and a teen internship program to unearth potential in group and workplace settings.

TRUE Mentors – Charlie Bronsens