Mission & Vision

TRUE Mentors is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded to help children develop healthy, strong relationships that allow them to reach their full potential.


TRUE Mentor’s mission is to unearth the excellence of youth in Hudson County through meaningful relationships.


TRUE stands for TRUE Relationships Unearth Excellence. 

Our vision is to help young people develop healthy, strong relationships that allow them to reach their full potential. TRUE Mentors offers one-to-one, group, and professional mentoring programs to youth between the ages of  7 and 17 (or through high school senior year). We partner participants with adult mentors, volunteers, and employers within the same community. 

  • Mentoring ProgramOpen to all TRUE Mentors participants, our Mentoring Program matches individual youth with a local, adult mentor for 1:1 monthly sessions focused on building skills, exploring new passions, and supporting mentees through personal hardships. Mentors commit to at least eight hours per month for a minimum of one year.
  • Enrichment Clubs Program
    Open to TRUE Mentors participants in 2nd through 8th grade, Enrichment Clubs is a weekly group mentoring opportunity focused on building peer relationships, practicing skills, and collectively cultivating the talent of our participants. Multiple activities are provided in two-hour sessions occurring each Tuesday for the duration of the school year, with field trips throughout the summer.
  • Teen Independence Program 
    Open to all TRUE Mentors participants in high school, our Teen Program focuses on building the hard and soft skills necessary to move into professional employment and become independent post high school. In partnership with Hoboken High School, we provide group and individualized professional mentoring to align each participant with a volunteer opportunity, internship, or part-time job that will assist them along their professional journey.

TRUE Mentors – Charlie Bronsens