Board Member Spotlight – Sarah Neral

Board Member Spotlight – Sarah Neral

Sarah Neral
Secretary, True Mentors
DSCF13561. Why and how did you get involved with TRUE Mentors?
I got involved with TRUE Mentors about 5 years ago when I moved to Hoboken. I heard about the organization from its founder, Susi Milligan. She needed help with the Scavenger Hunt and I volunteered to help her out with registration and the after party. Back home in NC I loved working in my community and this allowed me to make Hoboken home.
2. Why would you recommend others get involved?
The best thing about community is that it is a gift for all of us. It is a gift for those who are in need but also a gift for those who give. I recommend anyone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and give back, to join us. We want to see the future of our community, our children, become the strong individuals they were created to be – and you get to be part of that transformation!
3. What are you most excited about at TRUE Mentors?
I’m excited about our growth and opportunities for our children. From 7 to 17 kids are learning, growing and being challenged in many different ways! From learning about the arts, to cooking, to how to apply for college and begin work/life skills our kids are being introduced to so many incredible things. I love that each year we are seeing growth and change, not only in the organization, but in the lives of every single kid.
4. What has been your favorite experience thus far, serving on the TRUE Mentors board?
My favorite experience thus far serving on the board has been watching our organization gain momentum. This has happened through many tangible ways over the past few months, such as hiring a full time Executive Director, watching our community engage with our organization through events like the Chili Cook Off, Volunteer Happy Hours, and Free Cone Day and most importantly, being able to watch our kids get excited about the opportunities they are being given. 
5. What is your favorite book? Movie? Quote? 
My favorite book is Love Does by Bob Goff. My favorite movie is anything Pixar or Christmas related. My favorite quote comes from a program I was honored to be part of as a Senior in High School called Girls Nation, I think about it all the time…”Forward forever, backward never, within ourselves our future lies.”
6. In 10 words or less, describe the TRUE Mentors experience.
The experience is never boring, never easy, always worth it. 
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