Celebrating 1 Year – Diane & Nylah

Diane and Nylah first met in our Enrichment Club program in 2016. When Nylah’s mentor moved to California, Diana asked Nylah if she could be her mentor, and the rest is history. Diane and Nylah enjoyed attending our Club program last year on Tuesday evenings and getting to know each other one-on-one outside of the program. “It is always great to see TRUE relationships form in our Club program, said Executive Director, Katie Eades, you get to see first hand the impact these mentors are having on our mentees, as well as the impact our mentees have on their mentors.”


“It’s a lot of fun, Diane said, we don’t have to plan out elaborate events together, we can just grab a bite to eat and enjoy one another’s company.”

What makes this TRUE relationship so special is the relationship Diane has developed with Nylah’s sisters and their mentors. Nylah’s two younger sisters also participate in our Club program and are also matched with TRUE mentors.In addition to spending time at Clubs, or out eating ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s, Diane and Nylah also plan events with her sisters, Destiny and Leslie, and their mentors (pictured below). “We get together to play games and just hang out,” said Diane. Diane is not only a great mentor to Nylah, she has also developed a strong relationship with her sisters as well. Through our Club program, and one-to-one mentoring program, Diane has created a TRUE relationship with Nylah’s entire family and their mentors, and has enjoyed the opportunity to be “another trusted voice in her life, in addition to her grandparents and mom.”

“By far, my favorite moments as a mentor are the time we have spent experiencing church together.”

“This is somewhat of a relationship milestone for a mentor/mentee match, stated Executive Director, Katie Eades. Our mentors and mentees initially sign up for a one-year match. Our hope is that after this initial commitment is over, both the mentor and mentee will wish to continue to the program. The longer the mentor stays present in the child’s life, the bigger the impact on the child’s life.” This year, Diane is doing her best to commit to spending time with Nylah outside of Clubs at least once a week. Most recently, Diane & Nylah began serving together at Hoboken Grace Church and attending the service afterwards. Grace Kids on Sunday mornings. “By far, my favorite moments as a mentor are the time we have spent experiencing church together and serving in Grace Kids. It is cool to see her work with the younger children and I really enjoy attending the service together and engaging in conversation afterwards.”

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