Celebrating 1 Year – Mark & Pedro

 Mark & Pedro Celebrate 1 Year of Mentoring


Pedro first joined TRUE Mentors in our 2014-2015 Enrichment Club program and shortly afterwards he applied for a mentor. After a much anticipated wait, Mark and Pedro were officially matched in August of 2016, immediately bonding over their mutual love of sports, including baseball, football and their favorite sport to play, basketball. Since joining the program, Mark and Pedro have attended several TRUE Mentors match celebration events this year as well, including our annual bowling event in January, where Mark and Pedro ate ALL of the pizza at our end of the year kick ball tournament (pictured left).

Mark has really enjoyed getting to know Pedro and his family this year, stating “Pedro’s overall enthusiasm and ability to make people feel special and included make him such a unique, fun kid to hang out with! On the way over here, Pedro took the time to get to know our Uber driver and even gave him a high-five when we got here.” Pedro values the time he spends with his mentor, stating “He teaches me a lot, often helping me to see my decisions may not always be the best. He provides guidance. I look forward to having Mark help me to improve on my decision making ”

As Mark and Pedro make plans for their next year together, they are committing to spending at least 8 hours a month together and want to focus on trying new things. Pedro and Mark have enjoyed several new activities together over the past year, including attending a service at Hoboken Grace and volunteering together at Hoboken Grace 1Day, as well as competing, and winning, the TRUE Mentors Hoboken Scavenger Hunt. “For Halloween this year, we decided to dress up and check out Hopes game night, said Mark. Each new activity we do together provides an opportunity for us to try something new and to learn more about one another.”



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