December Match of the Month: Kylie & Deanna

Middle School is a difficult time for many children, but Kylie was ready to step up and help her mentee Deanna. As kids become tweens friendships become more complicated, schoolwork is tougher, and new responsibilities can seem overwhelming. “I try to provide Deanna with as much positive advice and support as I can, and I’m so grateful that she feels comfortable enough to tell me when she is experiencing challenges in her life.” We are so grateful for the trust these two have created that we have named Kylie our TRUE mentor of the year!

These two met a little over a year ago, and their lives have changed for the better. Deanna needed someone like a sister, and she got that through Kylie. Deanna loves that “we have the same style so we go somewhere cool all the time and I love her dog so much.” Of course, Kylie always loves to be there for Deanna. “Deanna is such a fun, funny, sweet, sassy, curious and compassionate girl, and I feel extremely lucky to have her as my mentee!”

Kylie’s life has also changed, helping her see the importance of such relationships. Deanna has taught me to be more thoughtful, a little sillier and to always have as much fun as you can with the people who make you happy.” Best of all, she has seen her mentee grow over such a short period of time. “Deanna has continued to grow into a smart, mature and curious young women since I started mentoring her. She has developed her own strong personality and has become more open to trying new things. Deanna is no longer shy and reaches out to plan new experiences for us as we continue to develop a great mentor/mentee relationship.” 

Kylie & Deanna also participate in our weekly group mentoring program, enrichment clubs. Each week the two of them get to spend time together with other mentors and mentees, participating in fun activities, community service and in our leadership program. “I genuinely look forward to going to TM Clubs and always make it a priority to leave work early on Tuesday nights so I can attend. It is an amazing group of energetic and enthusiastic kids and volunteers. We spend time teaching life lessons as well as being creative and having fun! The kids are a joy to be around and I have learned so much from them.”

This is TRUE-ly a special relationship they have together. Deanna believes what makes Kylie special is that “I can talk to her about anything and she never judges me. Kylie is always so happy and positive. She is always happy to do things I like and if I ask if we can go somewhere this weekend she always says yes. She is the best mentor ever and she always has fun plans to do when we are with each other. I look up to Kylie. She is someone I want to grow up to be like.”

When not mentoring or enjoying clubs, Kylie enjoys the best of Hoboken. “I’m obsessed with the views of New York City from Hoboken, so I spend a lot of time at the piers taking pictures, walking my dog, hanging out with friends and enjoying a movies under the stars!” You can also catch her at brunch at the Elysian Cafe, or at home enjoying the Steelers. 


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