June Mentoring Highlight

Jose Blanco and Chris Bocus

Meet Chris and Jose who have been matched for 1 year and 6 months! This duo met at TRUE Mentors Enrichment Clubs and connected over their love for video games, specifically Rocket League. Transitioning from middle school to high school can be a tough time for a young teen. Luckily Jose has had the support and advice from Chris who mentions, “He doesn’t mind school but does think that his school environment is challenging.”

Over the year Chris has not only become a mentor but a good friend to Jose. They have enjoyed their mentorship going for walks around Hoboken and grabbing hot dogs and ice cream. Chris also attends Jose’s household to help with homework and interacts with Jose’s family members who are very thankful for the positive interactions provided by Chis. “My goal is get him to express his feelings better and try to venture out of his comfort zone in some capacity.”

During the past few months, Jose has had to go through additional struggles. TRUE Mentors provided his family with the support needed, referring them to other community partnerships who can further assist. Program Coordinator, Maria Lara also connected with Hoboken High School with hopes of helping Jose stay on track of his school work. Chris took the time from his busy schedule as a new dad and committed to help Jose overcome his emotions. Jose mentioned that Chris “helps me with my emotions and controlling my temper. That makes my life better.”

We are so thankful to have a TRUE relationship continue to flourish from this duo and wish Jose and Chris a happy and safe summer! Hopefully these two can take the FaceTime and video chats to in person meet-ups soon!

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