April Mentor Spotlight – Kristin Sharp

unnamedHow did you hear about TRUE Mentors and what made you want to join?

I heard about TRUE Mentors from a friend and I wanted to join TRUE Mentors in order to work with the kids and get more involved in the community. I also wanted to provide guidance as well as encouraging families to put down their phones and be more engaged.

What do you enjoy most being a Mentor and what are some of the challenges you have faced as a Mentor?

I enjoyed being a friend to my Mentee, being available when she had questions, and hearing about her success. Some of the challenges we faced together included working around and adjusting schedules.

How did you work with your mentee in facing these challenges?

I tried to provide her with a study system to help her improve her grades. Her grades were not good and she did not have a study system. It was rewarding to see Rayza apply herself and as a result, she received an A on her test!

Is there any advice you can share from this experience?

The advice I would like to share with others is to be prepared to be flexible and be aware that your mentee will pick up on everything that you say and do.

How would you describe your experience, in a few words?

It was a very fulfilling experience, for both of us. It is quite something to be considered a friend, have my mentee look up to me, ask questions, and in return give her any guidance possible. It is an amazing experience when they model you, put things into action and do things we specifically spoke about.







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