Match of the Year – Leslie & Amiah

I have lived in Hoboken for awhile and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Miami International Stock Options Exchange (MIAX), The Hun School of Princeton and the Maxwell Place Condominium Association. I learned about True Mentors after doing a Google search for volunteer opportunities in Hoboken area. I was matched with Amiah, a young girl who joined TRUE Mentors because she needed another positive activity in her life. I enjoy being another form of support in Amiah’s life. We like to cook, go out for lunch or dinner, attend concerts and plays, shop, go hiking, and just spend quality time talking about life as a teenager.


Amiah is bright and energetic and I enjoy spending time with her and introducing her to new activities.  It is very rewarding seeing some of the things we discuss being put into action in her life.

One of our favorite moments together was taking Amiah to her first Broadway play, The Lion King. Amiah has a love for theater and it was a very special experience we could share together. We have also enjoyed cooking, hiking and shopping together. Every Tuesday evening we participate in the TRUE Mentors Enrichment Club program as well. I enjoy getting to interact with her in a group setting as well as one on one.

This relationship has impacted my life in a very powerful way. I am rewarded by Amiah’s smiles when she experiences success and tries something new. There are many ways to give back but the opportunity to individually mentor a young person has an impact that will last a lifetime. We spend a lot of time talking about teen social issues and how to handle them. Amiah struggled to accept not getting a part in her school play as well as how she responds to bullies. Amiah has worked hard to implement many of the strategies we discuss with her peers and at home and is working on developing self control.  Although Amiah loves theater, band and chorus, we discussed expanding her activities to try something new. I was very proud that Amiah joined The Sierra Club at school and went on her first hike in April.


Amiah has many strengths including being bright and caring. But her biggest strength is being resilient. She has challenges but always keeps a positive attitude and bounces back. This quality will serve her well all of her life.

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