Meet Our New Team Member

Bliss Lecea

We are excited to announce our newest addition to the TRUE Mentors team, Bliss Lecea! Bliss is our new executive assistant, providing program support for our three mentoring programs and assisting our executive director in day-to-day operations. She just completed her first week at TRUE Mentors and is off to a fantastic start!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Bliss is an avid rock climber and tennis player. She graduated from the University of PA, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in counseling and developed a love for rock climbing. Her passion continues even today, as she works at the Gravity Vault as well. She climbs both indoors and outdoors, and even plans to compete in local competitions this year! Bliss also has an artistic side, specializing in hand lettering, watercoloring, and murals. When she isn’t at work on the rocks, Bliss loves spending time with her “crazy Hispanic family” and husband.

We’re all happy to have Bliss on board and are looking forward to a great year!

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