Meet Our Newest Board Member

Meet Linda Kwok

Why are you passionate about the TM mission?

As a transplant to Hoboken, we have loved the richness and diversity this town offers.  It’s so important to give back to the community that has allowed our family to thrive and to ensure all kids are afforded the same opportunities and a chance to build a great future.

What has your experience at TM been like so far? (Clubs, student interaction, etc.)

I have photographed several match activities, attended enrichment clubs and fundraisers. My husband and I also sponsored a session with Mad Science for the Tuesday evening group mentoring program, Enrichment Clubs. I was really touched when I saw the wonder in our kids’ eyes and hearing the “wows” during that program. The rock climbing and cooking events were so much fun too! Our mentors and mentees have such a great time together and it’s so heart warming to see how they bond and enjoy their time together. It’s really inspiring to see the dedication of our volunteers who come week after week to spend time with our mentees during these programs.

What do you hope to bring to the TM organization in 2019?

I hope to act as a bridge between TM and the school and parent community.  I would like to bring more awareness to the amazing work True Mentors is doing in our community and to encourage more parents and adults to be involved, whether it’s through donations or volunteering.

What are you most excited about at TM?

Attending many more of our fundraisers, activities and getting to know our volunteers and the families we serve. It’s all about building TRUE relationships, right!?
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