Meet our Newest Board Member

Meet Dr. Razel Solow

Why are you passionate about the TM mission?

As a former teacher and academic in educational psychology, I believe strongly in mentorships for children, especially for those who may have some special needs due to their life circumstances, abilities and disabilities. Having had mentors throughout my childhood and even in adulthood, I am deeply grateful for the support, encouragement and tacit knowledge that I received. I know how profoundly those mentors helped me succeed. I’d like to see as many children benefit from these positive relationships as possible.


What has your experience at TM been like so far? 

So far, I’ve had an incredibly rewarding experience at TM. First, there’s Katie Eades, Executive Director, whose leadership and guidance I highly value, and the True Mentors Board, whose members are obviously committed to our mission and teach me so much. Then, there are the dedicated volunteers at the after-after-school enrichment programs and the mentors who give so selflessly of themselves. Finally, the children are sweeties – enthusiastic, energetic and polite. I had a tremendous time teaching them “All About Hoboken” by using interactive stories, games and movement. I look forward to my next session with them.


What do you hope to bring to the TM organization in 2019?

I hope to bring three things to the TM organization in 2019: my research abilities, my teaching abilities and my enthusiasm.   My background in qualitative research will help TM determine the impact of our activities on the children, families and mentors. I’ll also help with program evaluation. As a teacher who believes in active children in the “classroom,” I hope to bring a very fun and energetic approach to the after-after-school sessions. Finally, I’m very enthusiastic about the mission and vision of TM, so I plan to spread the word and get more people involved with the organization.


What are you most excited about at TM?

I’m most excited about the relationships I hope to build with the children, their families, the volunteers (including the mentors), and the Board at True Mentors. As anyone who has donated their time and effort knows, volunteers gain as much personally and intellectually as do the program participants.


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