Mentoring Youth Summer 2020

Covid-19 has created an environment where mentor and mentees have been forced to keep their relationship going while meeting virtually. Some mentors met via weekly chats over FaceTime, others interacted by joining weekly virtual enrichment clubs and trivia game. TRUE Mentors thanks all of our mentors who have committed to supporting their mentee and helping them reach their potential. As summer brings warmer and brighter days we encourage all mentors to continue to support their mentees while practicing safety and social distancing.

Here are some ways you can continue your mentorship this summer (if able to meet in person):

  • Enjoy an afternoon picnic at Liberty State Park– pack up a picnic, uno cards and a blanket (don’t forget the sunblock) and enjoy the day catching up!
  • Go for a bike ride around the town or waterfront. Don’t have a bike? Hudson Bike Share provides an inexpensive option for cycling trips in the Hudson River Area.
  • Take a local trip to the Hoboken Historical Museum and take part of the postcard to future hobokenites activity.
  • Head over to the Hudson River for Free Paddle Days sponsored by the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. Due to social distancing you must reserve your spot 6 days in advance!
  • Walk around town and enjoy the day being out of the house!

Here are some ways you can continue your mentorship this summer (if unable to meet in person):

  • Virtual pizza party: Have pizza delivered to their home and your home, then talk while you share a meal together!
  • Watch a movie or TV show simultaneously (with video chat or just on the phone together)
  • Forward any jokes, comics or memes you may find. Laughter helps!
  • Send a “care package.” What would amuse, interest, and delight your match? Gel pens, coloring book, small crafts, games/cards, snacks and sweet treats?

More ideas:

  • Send regular text messages with encouraging words, quotes, or jokes.
  • Come up with a top ten list of why you love your mentee and share it with them!
  • Brainstorm with them about ways to love others during this time.
  • Give suggestions on positive ways to spend time—read, exercise, journal, arts and crafts.
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