My First Three Weeks – Katie Eades

katieeades-2Wow! I can’t believe how quickly these first three weeks have gone by! In such a short time I have met an incredible group of students, parents, volunteers and donors and continue to be amazed at their passion, dedication and support of the TRUE Mentor’s mission. With so much happening in the first few weeks, I can only imagine what the TRUE mentors community can accomplish together in the next 3 months!

I recently relocated to Hoboken from Chicago and have been blown away by the love and support I have received from people within the community. This is my third time moving to a new city and in just five short months it already feels like home! I can honestly say working for a non-profit company was not something I envisioned I would be doing when I first moved to Hoboken and yet, I can not imagine doing anything else. I recently went through several changes in my life, including selling my business (gym) and moving across the country. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I needed to find a church (Hoboken Grace), a gym (Hoboken CrossFit), and a place to serve others (Party with a Purpose). It was through each of these organizations I learned about the True Mentor’s mission, their impact on the Hoboken community and the opportunity to serve as their executive director.


           The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.


I have dedicated my life to serving others and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I spent 7 years serving at-risk high school students in Chicago and it was the most challenging and rewarding work I have ever done. As a business owner, I took that passion for serving others to support local charities through fundraising events, building awareness within the community and developing a partnership with the area Special Olympics. As a former teacher I look forward to working with at-risk kids again and am humbled at the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director for True Mentors.

What excited me most about the True Mentor’s mission is the focus on providing opportunities for children in Hoboken to form relationships with adults in the community. As a teacher I had the opportunity to mentor several students and as a young adult I was blessed with my own opportunity to work with a mentor both in Chicago and in Quincy. It truly made a difference in my life. My mentor’s provided me with love and support and also encouraged me to develop new skills, provided insight into work projects and life challenges, and most importantly they provided a friendship that left a lasting impression on my life. Due to my own personal experience as a mentor and mentee I am incredibly passionate about our mission to provide every child in Hoboken with an opportunity to unearth their excellence through relationships. 


I have learned much wisdom from my teacher, more from my colleagues and the most from my students. – The Talmud

For the past 3 weeks I have embarked on an exciting journey of getting to know everything I can about the history of the organization, their supporters and dedicated staff of volunteers and board members and the mission and vision that is True Mentors. In the past 5 years, the dedicated board, program director and past executive directors have developed a strong foundation and created a lasting impact on the community. I am humbled at the opportunity to serve the True Mentor’s organization and the Hoboken community. I look forward to making 2016 our best year yet!


Katie Eades


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  1. Hi honey your article brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. What an awesome article and more importantly, what an awesome young lady you have become! I have always loved you so much♥

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