A Note from our Executive Director

Today I celebrate 3 years of living in Hoboken. On October 1st, I packed up my car and drove to New York, Illinois to say goodbye to the friends I had known my whole life, before heading off to whatever unknown adventures awaited me just outside the big apple, in the hip and happening city of Hoboken, NJ.

So why Hoboken? Looking back, the simple answer to why is, why not?! Have you seen our cute little mile square city!? But the longer, more honest answer is that prior to moving here I went through a divorce and the sale of a business, and I was looking for a fresh start. I also loved that the mile square city offered me access to NYC and, most importantly, the opportunity to be a part of a neighborhood. Shortly after moving here, I was offered the position of Executive Director at TRUE Mentors, and three years later, I couldn’t be prouder of the community I’ve helped to build

So why TRUE Mentors? What immediately stood out to me at the time was that “TRUE” stands for “True relationships unearth excellence.” The founders of TM formed the organization on the belief that through positive relationships, children (and anyone really) can reach their full potential and ‘unearth their inner excellence.’ The mission statement resonated with me, and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it. When I reflect on my last three years here, what stands out to me are the true relationships that I’ve formed in this community which not only gave me the opportunity to help unlock the potential of children in Hoboken, but also to reach my own personal place of excellence and self discovery.  

Through my work with TRUE Mentors, and the relationships that I myself have built through the program, I’ve learned that Hoboken is an incredible community in which people truly care about and support one another. This past May, I experienced the deep impact that TRUE relationships can have on an individual when my mother unexpectedly passed away. Thanks to the support of my TM community, I was able to fly to Illinois to spend extended time with my dad so we could grieve together. When I returned home to my TRUE Mentors family, I was moved to tears by the generosity and love our volunteers showered on me, calling and texting to send their love, meeting up with me for dinner so I would remember to eat and even giving me a gift-card to cover the costs of my emergency flights home.

Hoboken is an incredible community and I am so thankful I chose to make it my new home. I began working for TRUE Mentors because I wanted to make a difference in my community. I had no idea how much this community would end of impacting my life. Thank you Hoboken and TM, for making these past 3 years absolutely incredible! I look forward to the next 30!


TRUE starts with YOU. How will you make an impact in the Hoboken community? Click the link to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how YOU can make an impact on a child’s life!


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. – Fredrick Douglas

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