Our Programs

Tuesday Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment Club is our weekly mentoring program at the Boys & Girls Club. Each week is an opportunity to explore group relationships, while being exposed to new topics and ideas. So often in life, we are part of teams or groups of people and we must navigate multiple viewpoints and be open to new ideas. Participation in the club is a requirement for basketball club.

Saturday Basketball Club

Basketball clubs is FREE for all 6th-8th grade boys. This Club takes place from 3:30pm – 5pm at the Boys & Girls Club in Hoboken. Improve your jump shot, work on your team building skills and learn from a Rutgers Hall of Fame Basketball player, Coach Singleton. Students must attend weekly enrichment clubs to participate.

Teen Internship Program

It offers teens the opportunity to explore workplace relationships, while developing college & career readiness skills and getting hands-on opportunities in the workplace.  We don’t get to choose who our co-workers are, so this experience with a trusted mentor can be invaluable.


This is our 1 on 1 matching program that creates the opportunity for meaningful one on one relationships to form, while giving children a role model to help them reach their goals. We all have one on one relationships and understand how they can be a powerful influence for the direction our life takes.

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