f237d7f6-048f-4b7d-8aa6-6cf8d8574aa3Our mentors come from all different backgrounds, but they all share a passion for supporting our children. TRUE Mentors is built around the idea that through healthy, encouraging relationships our greatest potential can be unearthed. When a child has the love, support and encouragement from a dedicated mentor and friend, there is no end to the possibilities life presents.

TRUE Mentors encourages Mentors and Mentees to create their own schedule and engage in activities they both enjoy. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken, we offer classes once a week for our mentors and children to participate in together. Check out our great list of activities on our calendar.

Wondering whether you’d be a good TRUE Mentor? Here is an overview of some of the requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Live in or around Hoboken, NJ
  • Willing and able to commit a year to a relationship with a mentee
  • Willing and able to spend a minimum of 8 hours per month with a mentee
  • The desire to change the course of a child’s life as well as their own
  • TRUE Mentors will interview you, train you and help you get a background check



“This year, mentoring has impacted my life by making me more aware of circumstances other people face in their lives, and how simple gestures can make a huge difference. Everyone is different and therefore faces different challenges on a daily basis that impact them. By mentoring, I have become more self-aware of these differences, more open minded, and more driven to help make a difference. I have realized that the most simple gestures or words can go a long way. Mentoring has also given me more of a feeling of self-satisfaction when I see and hear firsthand that I have made a difference.”
– Mentor, 2011

Take the first step to making a difference in a child’s life, and fill out our online application. For more information email

Meet the Matches

Leslie – Mentor
I enjoy being another form of support in Amiah’s life. Amiah is bright and energetic and I enjoy spending time with her and introducing her to new activities. It is very rewarding seeing some of the things we discuss being put into action in her life. The relationship has impacted my life in a very powerful way. I am rewarded by Amiah’s smiles when she experiences success anLeslied tries something new.  There are many ways to give back but the opportunity to individually mentor a young person has an impact that will last a lifetime.

Amiah – Mentee
I joined TRUE Mentors because “I needed another positive activity in my life.” I like that my mentor “never judges me, even on the good days and the bad days. She has helped me accept the fact that I did not get in the play and she has also helped me with how I respond to bullies and learning to develop self control.””Other kids deserve the kind of relationship me and my mentor had. Someone they could trust and get advice from without being judged.

Jim – Mentor

When I first joined I wondered – How can a so called Yuppy from Hoboken relate to a so called kid from the projects? He reminds me so much of myself growing up. We have a lot more in common than I ever imagined. We will be in touch with each other for the rest of our lives. Caillou is family now and I feel so fortunscreenshot-2016-11-11-09-55-18ate that I was matched with him. To this day, my favorite part was the moment when we first met. He had so much enthusiasm. He was very appreciative in being a part of the program.

Caillou – Mentee

Caillou first came to TRUE Mentors seeking a mentor because, “I didn’t have a father figure at the time, and I was looking for someone to maybe fill in that role.” Almost 4 years later, although Jim has since moved, Caillou still spends time with him and is contact with him regularly. “I like that he acts as an older brother, not my parent. He gives me helpful advice when needed, and looks out for me and points out when I did something wrong. This experience was life-changing. Other kids deserve the kind of relationship me and my mentor had. Someone they could trust and get advice from without being judged.”

Meet the Matching Team

Adam Nelik – Relationship Manager
I volunteered to be a relationship manager because I wasn’t sure how long I would actually be living in Hoboken.  It’s such a transient city and I didn’t want to start a relationship as a mentor and then end up moving out a few months later, so being a relationship manager enabled me to still interact with the children and families, and help other mentors really build meaningful relationships. I would like to think I like a little vicariously through the mentors I work with at times as well. Relationships are hard. They require a lot of time and energy if you really want to do it right and get the most out of it. My favorite part is hearing from the children or parents that the program is making a meaningful impact in the lives of the children we work with.

Christina Bordieri – Relationship Manager 

302130_663872093123_1363703686_nI have been in this role for around 3 years. It has been such an amazing experience and I work with some really great people who have such a passion to make TRUE Mentors the best is can possibly be. My favorite part of being a relationship manager is seeing my matches grow and continue to progress. I have one match that has been together for over 3 years. They hang out all the time. I really get to see the impact the mentors make! Being apart of the TRUE Mentors community has rewarded me because I have seen so many kids become successful, confident, and ready to take on anything. TRUE Mentors truly helps kids to believe in their dreams and reach for them.

Donna Sells – Family Coordinator


I read a book called The Bond that was written by three men who grew up under challenging circumstances in New Jersey. Each became a physician and mentoring helped them succeed. Their story and the enthusiasm of Susi and other volunteers at TRUE Mentors encouraged me to get involved back in 2011. As the Family Coordinator, I oversee the scheduling and interview process with our students and their parents. During this intake phase, I explain the program, answer their questions, make sure necessary forms are filled out, and update our database with info that helps match students and mentors. If you want to invest in the lives of kids and teens, TRUE Mentors provides a great opportunity.