Rookie of the Year – Sammie Still

Sammie Still may be a new volunteer, but she has already made an impact at TRUE Mentors in so many ways! Sammie is currently the workshop coordinator for our seniors in high school. Thanks to her help, we know we’ll be able to see our seniors graduate fully prepared to enter into the next stage of their lives, and we would like to thank her for her dedication to our students by naming her our 2018 Rookie of the Year!

Sammie (pictured below, middle) joined us in September of this year to help us run our programming. She’s also volunteered with Community Bridges in Silver Spring, MD where she mentored and helped run clubs. “I loved working with [my mentee] and wanted to continue to give back to my new community after moving.” TRUE Mentors was a natural fit for her to continue her volunteer work in a new location.

TRUE Mentors is also a perfect fit as she wants to ensure that no child has the lonely upbringing she had. “My situation was very different from that of my friends and I often felt no adult truly understood what I was going through.” At TRUE Mentors, she uses her experiences to help students build confidence and pride, but she also brings a listening ear and an understanding presence.

It was here at TM when she was reminded of the possibility of childhood. At her first workshop she had everyone write about their dream job. Her students were asked not to think of fame or fortune, but to just think of what they truly enjoyed doing. The responses varied from the selflessness of the marines to the fun of playing basketball professionally. “Everyone has a dream job and we often forget that those dream jobs are not impossible.” That moment brought her back to her childhood, and she realized that she was a part of their childhood, and a part of their future. “In the moment, I wanted them to hold onto these dreams and know it’s good to dream.”

When not mentoring or running clubs, Sammie loves Dozzinos and watching the Ravens. As she goes through life, mentoring and teaching, she always remembers these words by the famous Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” We’re certain that Sammie’s positivity will always help those she touches remember the smiles she’s brought to them.


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