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A supportive community is part of what makes Hoboken a special place to work and live. Since 2008 Hoboken Grace Community Church has offered a home for Hobokenites to explore their faith and connect with other like-hearted souls.

Hoboken Grace and TRUE Mentors have been working together since the beginning. Pastor Chris High and Susi Tully Milligan worked to launch TRUE Mentors back in January 2011. Since then Hoboken Grace has always wanted to be a part of TRUE Mentors and when the opportunity came around for teen interns it was the ideal opportunity to continue the relationship and explore collaborative endeavors.
Anthony Reimer, Director of Outreach at Hoboken Grace was thrilled to have Teen Intern Amanda Padilla on board as the their first intern. Amanda worked alongside Anthony in event planning. “We hold a few major events throughout the year and it was great to have her support during one of our busiest seasons,” Reimer said.
Amanda assisted in planning and executing the annual Easter Egg Hunt. She did everything from help prepare the games and crafts to organizational efforts. Amanda was diligent and focused for the large-scale event that sees between 4,000 and 5,000 people each year. Anthony describes Amanda as, “remarkably well spoken and professional from the get go. I believe she developed and honed even more of her “all in” attitude. She was willing to try everything that we threw at her and came back to us if she had questions. She really worked hard on making sure everything she was doing was up to par.”
Being thAnthony Hoboken Graceat Hoboken is an-open minded and collaborative community it was helpful to have Amanda on board for special events. Anthony was amazed at how much can get done with help from those who are passionate about a cause. “Amanda was not only helpful but she was insightful as well. She brought a young and fresh perspective to a position that could really use it, ” said Reimer.

The relationship was mutually beneficial. At the end of the internship both Amanda and Anthony learned a lot about teamwork and training. Teen internships are a great way for a spirited learner to get their feet wet in their interests and gain confidence in their skills before entering the workforce. Anthony says, “your intern is there to help as much as they are there to learn, so be prepared to go the extra mile and don’t just give them a task, help them to understand the “why” and be willing and open to answer and field questions about the projects at hand. I  We ended up having a lot of fun with Amanda and I think in the end it was because she knew she could feel comfortable around us to learn and explore a new position.”

Building meaningful relationships is what TRUE Mentors is all about. Taking on a teen who wants to make a difference can benefit everyone involved creating bonds based on trust, learning and growth.

TRUE Mentors is currently looking for local business to take on a teen intern for the 2016-2017 school year. Contact Rebecca Denaro at for more information or visit our website and fill out a business application online.


Written by Laurel Lederman, Holistic Life Coach and contributing writer at Hoboken Girl Blog.

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