September Match Celebrations

New Match Celebrations!

This month 6 new TRUE Relationships were formed between our mentors and mentee families! Thanks to our partnerships with Ben & Jerry’s, Jimmy Johns & the Hoboken Historical Museum, all of our new matches were able to schedule their first FREE match night out at a local business. Each new mentor/mentee match brought a level of excitement, smiles and all the warm fuzzies to our hearts. We are excited to watch their relationships grow and hear all about their new adventures in Hoboken.


Jovi & Icez

Icez has attended our Enrichment Club program for the past two years, bringing her smile and enthusiasm with her wherever she goes. Jovi & Icez celebrated their match by getting pedicures and stopping for a sweet treat at Ben & Jerry’s. 

Anthony & Jarell

Jarell has a smile that lights up the room! This is his first year in our Enrichment Club Program and he is excited to start out with a new mentor! Anthony is looking forward to joining Jarell at Clubs next week and heading over to get ice cream together afterwards.

Kylie & Deanna

Kylie is no stranger to the TRUE Mentor’s program. She was previously matched with a teenager and participated in the 2016-2017 teen internship program. When her mentee aged out of the program, Kylie was ready to be re-matched with a younger mentee

Jasper & Devin

Devin has been on our mentee waiting list for over 2 years! He was super excited to meet his mentor, Jasper and check out our Enrichment Club program for the first time. To say Jasper & Devin hit it off instantly is an understatement. They began bonding over their mutual interest in race cars and were excited to see each other that weekend! We look forward to watching the instant connection between Jasper and his mentee continue to grow over the next year.

Jenn & Briana

Briana participated in our Enrichment Club program and this summer, was employed through our program at Hola Charter School. Jenn first got involved with volunteering TRUE Mentors though the events team. After learning more about the program, Jenn joined the internship program and is excited to work with her mentee this year.

Alex & Nitza

Nitza first joined TRUE Mentors as a sophomore in our Enrichment Club program. She is looking forward to working with her mentor and focusing on career and college readiness. Alex is excited to spend time getting to know her mentee and providing guidance along the way.

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