“I started volunteering at TRUE Mentors because I wanted to give back to my community and serve its children as a positive role model.  I knew I’d often be a little tired after work, but thought to myself, “what the heck, it’s just a couple of hours once per week and I could make a real impact.” So I started attending on a regular basis and to my surprise, the experience was refreshing and rejuvenating! The kids helped me realize (indirectly) that I had completely forgotten how to think like a kid.  Their creativity, playfulness, and laughter gave me a renewed perspective and I was able to apply this positive energy to my everyday life.”

– Jaime (mentor)


“I find that in our mentor/mentee relationship there is a lot of mutual respect and care. I just don’t have enough awesome things to say about how it has impacted me. I signed up to volunteer because I wanted to give back my time to help not realizing how much it would impact me and make me want to be a better person/example for her. It’s pretty incredible.”

– Chey (mentor)


“Thank you TRUE Mentors for your weekly classes. My first grader has enjoyed the different topics from sports to cooking, crafts, music and nature. They are always fun, and make learning a joy! We are looking forward to the rest of the school year classes.”

Ana (parent)


“Mentoring is sometimes idealized like you have to be perfect, but its actually simple to be someone’s support system and friend. Its so important, especially during that age. My mentee is a preteen which is such a vulnerable time.

Anonymous Mentor


“As a class volunteer, what types of things do you talk about with the children? I talk with the children at class about various topics including sports, current events, their weekend plans, what they are learning at school and anything else that they would like to share.”

Phil (volunteer)


“My experience with my mentee has strengthened my understanding of the importance of positive influences in children’s lives in a world overwhelmed by media portraying negativity, scandal, and violence.”

Mark (mentor)


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