TRUE Mentors partners with HOPES to provide Leadership Training

TRUE Mentors, has teamed up with HOPES, to support teens building the confidence and leadership skills they will need for a better tomorrow through the Leaders in Training Club (L.I.T.). Once a week, students come together for projects, discussions, and team activities. Students are also given volunteer opportunities within their own communities, helping them make the biggest impact in their own backyard!

Ashley Barron, the Community Programs Advocate at HOPES, Inc, discussed her plans for the program with us. “The goal of the Leaders In Training club is not only to teach the students how to become leaders but to help them become more confident in coming out of their comfort zone.” She helps her students achieve these goals through vision boards, acts of kindness, and public speaking. Students are expected to work together to encourage active listening and empathy. “The skills they learn here extend out to their everyday lives so that they can bring true leadership to their communities.”

Although this partnership is new, we have already seen so much promise from our students in LIT. On October 30th, students from LIT created a face painting booth at a HOPES Community Night . Our Executive Director, Katie Eades is very excited about this program stating,“It was really cool to see our students become leaders in the community. They are so talented and did a really great job with face painting!”   

So far, this program has only been offered to students between 5th grade and 12th grade, but we are extending this program to our youngest grades. “I am excited to bring leadership training and activities to our youngest students, said Katie Eades, executive director of TRUE Mentors. They are TRUE-ly the future of our community and I am excited to get them started at such a young age.”


It is incredible what we can accomplish as a community when we work together. We are so excited to see what our youngest students do to TRUE-ly help Hoboken! Interested in making an impact? Email for more information or sign up online to volunteer!

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