Virtual Mentoring and Group Resources

The Coronavirus is causing upheaval for our communities and much of our world. So how can mentors have an impact while they are unable to meet physically with their matches? 



Here are some suggestions on what community based mentors can do:

  • Call and ask questions about what and how mentees are doing.  
  • Encourage. Stay positive, but don’t downplay the tension.  
  • Try using FaceTime or Google Duo to connect. Zoom allows free use of their video meetings for meetings up to 40 minutes.   
  • Give suggestions on positive ways to spend time. 
  • Virtual support with homework and online learning. 
  • Send regular text messages with encouraging words, quotes, memes, TikToks, etc. 
  • Forward any jokes or fun comics you may find. 
  • Send a “care package or letter.” What would amuse, interest, and delight your match?
  • Play online games together.
  • Help mentee complete and submit TRUE Mentors Online Activity Point Challenge.
  • Follow-up with guardians with list of resources in our community. 


Here is a list of fun links to use:


For any questions, please email Maria Lara at

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