Volunteer Spotlight – Andrew Pflugbeil

Meet Andrew Pflugbeil

What is your volunteer role at TRUE Mentors?

I’m on the marketing team as a video editor and I also support local partnerships with small businesses.

Why did you sign up to volunteer with TRUE Mentors?

I was involved a lot in my local community through high school and college, and then the real world hit me and I kind of just stopped. When I moved to the area seven years ago I had an itch to get involved again, but didn’t know where to go. I met my girlfriend a few years and ago and she was volunteering with TRUE Mentors. She eventually dragged me in and I’ve never looked back! I’m so happy to be involved in such a great organization!

What’s your favorite Hoboken hangout?

Texas Arizona or Willie McBride’s after Zog foogtball games

What’s your favorite pizza spot in Hoboken?¬†

Tony Boloneys 

Last question, Mets or Yankees?


Andrew is such a fantastic addition to the marketing team! We can’t thank him enough for all the time and effort he puts into our events!

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