Volunteer Spotlight – Donna Sells

Volunteer Spotlight – Donna Sells

Donna Sells
Family Match Coordinator

Why and how did you get involved with TM?
I read a book called The Bond that was written by three men who grew up under challenging circumstances in New Jersey. Each became a physician and mentoring helped them succeed. Their story and the enthusiasm of Susi and other volunteers at TRUE Mentors encouraged me to get involved back in 2011.

What is your role in the organization? 
I am a Family Coordinator, scheduling and conducting interviews with students and their parents. During this intake phase, I explain the program, answer their questions, make sure necessary forms are filled out, and update our database with info that helps match students and mentors.

Why would you recommend others to get involved?
TRUE Mentors encourages volunteers to use all of their skills. For example, I worked on a two-person team that planned, promoted, and executed a three-part program facilitated by Girls Inc. to foster healthy self-esteem and body image in girls.  If you want to invest in the lives of kids and teens, TRUE Mentors provides a great opportunity.

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